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The Importance of Prenatal Care

Did you just find out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! Find out why it’s important to make and keep prenatal care appointments throughout your pregnancy.

Nov 1st, 2019
My Pap Smear Results Were Abnormal—What Now?

If you’ve had a Pap smear and received abnormal results, it’s natural to feel panicked. Don't stress. Take a few deep breaths and read on to learn more about the test and the steps you can take to ensure your optimal health.

Sep 1st, 2019
Your Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy during the summer months in Arizona can be rough, but when you arm yourself with knowledge and a few carefully chosen items to protect you from the heat, it can be much easier to bear.

Jun 18th, 2019
6 Tips to Prevent Having a High-Risk Pregnancy

Most women can expect to have a routine and normal pregnancy. But in 6-8% of cases, complications arise that can put you or your baby at risk. You can reduce your chances of having a high-risk pregnancy by taking a few simple steps.

Apr 1st, 2019
When do Ovarian Cysts Require Medical Intervention?

Ovarian cysts are harmless, aren’t they? Usually. But there does come a time when an ovarian cyst requires medical intervention. Find out more about these common cysts and what they might mean for your health.

Feb 12th, 2019
Remedy Painful Intercourse Without Hormones

If estrogen-related vaginal dryness has made sexual intercourse more painful than pleasurable, hormone therapy is no longer your only option for relief. Read on to learn why MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy could be your game-changer.

Jan 18th, 2019